Countries / currencies in trouble

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    South Korea
    Russia (?)

    Currencies that have fallen out of bed:

    Brazillian Real
    Mexican Peso
    Aussie Dollar
    New Zealand Dollar

    List of countries on another thread:

    Indonesia, Portugal, Lithuania, Ukraine, South Africa.
  2. One could add the Mexican Peso to the currency list.
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    Latvia, Estonia
  5. pound, euro
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    Although the GBP and EUR have been crushed in the last few months, it's nothing compared to the carnage in the AUD, which is probably the sixth most heavily traded currency in the world.

    If I added the GBP and the EUR to the list, then I'd probably end up naming every currency except the JPY and USD.

    And in all fairness, the EUR (at the time of posting) is still above the levels at which it floated in the late 1990s, and well above its record low in the early 2000s.

    Compare that to the AUD (a 10% plus decline today) which is being made to look like an emerging market currency.

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    jim rogers has been right on the CHF so far. its outperforming everybody except yen and dollar
  8. Canadian dollar has dropped almost 10 cents USD in the last month!!!

    Global Fiat Currency Confidence Collapse.

    They are all worthless. But where is GOLD/SILVER.