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  1. These things always come later rather than sooner but the tick-tock has started and the leaks and speculation will ramp up the focus, YUGELY.

    Nevertheless. It will ruin the dem's Jerry Nadler-fest bigtime sometime very soon.

    Oh, what am I saying?
    Usual Tard and probably all the wackjobs that I have on ignore warn me that there is no investigation by Horowitz, never was, just tinfoil on my part. And that John Dunham and his investigation exist only in my mind. Over time gonna be some mofo's that exist only in prison.The bigwigs will skate as always. Comey will not be prosecuted but his legacy as a dirty cop who ruined the FBI will be cemented when Horowitz and Durham have done their thing.

    I am actually not so sure about all the bigwigs escaping either. After all, John Durham put the governor of connecticut in prison so he is not afraid to go where the swamp phony investigators will not go and he prosecuted and locked up fbi agents who looked crooked and were crooked. I wonder how he would have handled the Hillary investigtion- but that case is still open isn't it? No one is going to prosecute Hillary but the curtains on that clown investigation will get pulled back plenty.

    Dream on Trance-State Tards. Both Horowitz and Durham are going to make my day. Your day? - not so much.

    Horowitz is already a proven winner. He flat out took McCabe down and out with the first report. BOOM ON STEROIDS!!!! One less crooked cocky motherfucker in the FBI swamp.


    IG's FISA Probe May Hamper Dems' Impeachment Plans
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  2. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    Prepare for another letdown dumb ass.

    Roughly a year ago, Horowitz also proved he’s willing to disappoint Trump and his supporters. He thoroughly investigated the FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation and charges that the probe was rigged to let Clinton off the hook.

    Horowitz amassed a mountain of embarrassing emails and electronic messages between former FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok and his co-worker and lover, Lisa Page, about their hatred for Trump and an “insurance plan” to derail his presidency. However, Horowitz concluded that he could not link the “appearance” of personal bias against Trump to “evidence that any political bias or improper considerations actually” impacted the way the FBI pursued the Clinton email probe.

    He also harshly criticized then-FBI Director James Comey for his July 2016 announcement that he would not recommend any charges against Clinton, and his subsequent October 2016 decision to tell Congress that the FBI had discovered new emails and had re-opened the case.

    Still, Horowitz concluded that Comey hadn’t acted out of political bias, but did “deviate” from established procedures and engaged “in his own subjective, ad hoc decision making” in what the IG described as an extremely unusual case with high political stakes.
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    Did Horowitz bring in a prosecutor to review the findings in the above mentioned investigation?
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    The rats are turning on each other.

    The dossier is the hot potato now.

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  5. UsualName


    What you’re doing here is called crying like a little a bitch.

    Wait, no, we want to keep challenging the findings until we get some corrupt ass hat that finally agree with right wing conspiracies.
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    You don't need to get your panties all in a bunch.

    I am wondering what your response will be when we start seeing people do the perp walk.

    I can't remember. What is the penalty for treason?
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    My response to Horowitz will be the same as the Mueller report. It what it is and it’s time to move on.

    The right on the other will cry like small children if the report doesn’t produce the results they are looking for. Which is where this is going.
  9. Presumably he has always had prosecutors working with him since his first investigation anyway. Huber was brought in from Utah to specifically work with the IG along with a couple other things. As discussed, we have not heard a thing from him so he is either doing the highly-professional routine and keeping everything hush-hush or he is doing nothing or somewhere in between. We don't know.

    It works both ways though, not only is horowitz making criminal referrals base on his compliance type reviews but he is also identifying misconduct within the agency coming out of some of the criminal investigations. So, in theory the there is a tag team in place. As you will recall he made criminal referrals as part of his last report/investigation, which we don't know about completely, although you have to presume that McCabe was referred for perjury. I doubt that all of those have just gone away. More likely they did not want to move on them until round two was complete, not did they want to do it while mueller was klutzing around particularly since it involved some people who had worked for mueller.

    There is some sort of story brewing, whereby, John Durham, has actually been involved and on the scene in the background for almost a year, and obviously before Barr even arrived. Yes, Tards, I saw pieces of it in the story in the Washington Examiner- so go ahead and dismissit but I read more in the Hartford paper which covers Durham more closely because he is connecticut-based.

    Allegedly Durham was working on some piece of this because he has experience in investigating FBI overseas operations/misconduct, whatever, and because he has investigated the CIA and some things there are being "examined." Even though it sounds like something Mueller would be working on, I doubt that he would be involved in Mueller's work. That was the whole purpose of appointing Mueller- to keep that piece separate. Hartford paper or maybe another also identifies another prosecutor who has been working with him, and alleges that he has had a grand jury in place for quite a long time. Probably it is being reported more widely now that we are getting in to the day.

    I guess that Barr then gave him a wider appointment as things progressed. Keep in mind that this is all just tinfoil on my part. Barr, Durham, and crooked FBI agents do not actually exist and everything is fine, I am told.
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  10. I am okay with that. If he makes his report and any and all appropriate referrals for prosecution or criminal investigation have been made, then Horowitz can begin to wind it down a little. Except if/when the criminal investigations identify more areas where there have been violations of departmental policy and procedures he is bound by law and appointment to report them.

    But yeh. I will be ready to move on to the prosecutorial/grand jury phase too. So we are joined at the hip bro.
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