Countdown timer that automatically resets itself

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  1. Anyone know of a software timer that can be set to some interval and alert you when it's close and automatically repeat itself?

    Example - every 5 minutes I would like some sort of alert when there's 60 and 30 seconds left and then as soon as it hits 0, repeat the process until I stop it.

    I'm just looking for an easy way to countdown every 5 minutes to coincide with charting and when I need to be looking for trades.
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    ClockWise and 12Ghosts provide the best scheduling features but have only one stopwatch. ClockWise's two countdown timers are limited, but you can always schedule a reminder for a set time instead, and then you can also have it repeat automatically. 12Ghosts actually has two countdown timers, a slide bar for up to 60 minutes in the "ShowTime" utility and a countdown option that is integrated with regular event scheduling in "Timer" in a remarkably sensible and efficient way. The latter countdown timer can be set to repeat and be logged in the same way as any scheduled event, and multiple timers can run at once.
  3. dan - thanks for the suggestion, will take a look at after trading.

    Any others, please list!!

  4. Once in a while I think I would like some sort of timer, then I'll search for a while and get tired of looking and lose interest, but here may be some useful stuff.

    This site has a few timer software progs.
    The Egg 1.512 sounds pretty good. I haven't read it all. There is a warning before the alarm but don't know if it's programmable or what. If the warning is not programmable, I suppose you could open three instances of the Egg to continuously repeat and set them 30 seconds apart with different alarm sounds.

    A watch when outside would be nifty.
    2. Repeat. When in repeat mode, after the time has fully elapsed, the watch will sound an alarm, then start the countdown again.

    4. Train. Train mode is the most complex. It allows you to chain together nine different times to count down from. After each time fully elapses, the timer will sound an alarm, automatically advance to the next time, then begin counting down again.----(Don't know if it's auto-repeatable or if you have to manually reset after each cycle of alarms.)

    JUMBO SPORTS TIMER 234(Reference #990)
    three separate countdown timers (countdown/repeat, countdown/continue, countdown/stop),
  5. F...k these egg timers :D

    Heres is the best program for you

    As well as all the hotkey commands you will ever need, I use mine for order entry with it playing a wav file for each hotkey.

    There are controls for controlling all open windows etc

    With 1 button on my mouse I swap 6 charts ie double/triple your monitor use. To many multiple monitors means you have to move you head and refocus etc.

    All the timers you need mine are set to start Mon to Fri at 0930 and play a wav file at what ever offset or set a timer on the press of a hotkey.

    This is the ultimate little program imo

    $5 to register, pm if in financial difficulty :)
  6. brutus - that looks like a great program, but wondering if it's overkill for what I'm looking for.

    Can I easily program that to give me an alert every 5 minutes without having to hit a restart button or anything? Sorry if it's a dumb question, I wasn't sure looking at the site.
  7. Sure, I did a pic of the timer page.
    The program autostarts and is very light (CPU resources).
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