Count on the MSM and the libtards to help the terrorists

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    Here's what the New York Times, Liberals and the terrorists are working for:

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    "According to copies of his confession obtained by Time, Hambali said al-Qaeda had sent him $US30,000 to fund the bombing of two nightclubs in Bali that left 202 people dead."

    The SWIFT program caught him. This program was secret, but The New York Times and the liberals couldn't stand that this legal program overseen by congress was not known to the terrorists. So The New York Times ran it on their front page.

    Democrats and the MSM working hand in hand to aid the enemies of America.
  2. Wouldn't people here in the US be safer if the Government locked everyone up in fenced areas and carefully controlled who gets in and out. Strip search everyone to make sure that there is no contraband being sneaked in.

    Freedom has its price. Remember Aesop's fable of the free wolf who went hungry some days, and the chained guard dog who got a great meal every night and a warm room to sleep?

    Has the scoundrel Laden scared us so much that we will forgo our liberties and give the government and the cronies all the rights to rape our privacy. Perhaps coward repugniklans will allow that but broad minded and brave US citizens will stand up to this travesty. Freedom and privacy including the dangers that it bring is far more desirable than the coward like cooped up life of a repugniklan. If we do what these cowards want us to do, then the scoundrel has won... he has managed to change the way we live. He is jealous of a free America and wants everyone to live in the opressed world of sauds... where he grew up. I think all Americans should refuse to give up our liberties even a little bit, because if we give up some, it still means the scoundrel got some.
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    There ya go. More evidence that yes indeed the liberals approve of the New York Times leaking information about this secret, legal program that had congressional oversight to the enemies of America.

    They don't care how many die, as long as America is defeated and Bush suffers. Hundreds of millions died for their ideals in the Soviet Union, but they still cry that we are cowards for not spilling enough blood. If you have a dime, you do not deserve it, that dime belongs to another, you only have it through some nasty force like Capitalism. That is their creed, death and sorrow.

    How much do you have to hate humanity to side with terrorists intent on imposing radical Islam on the world just to gain political power? But then the left has dropped it's mask of Peace & Love from the 60s, and shown it's true colors. They are here in CC for all to see, and the net only brings more visibility, more photos of the strange things the left has become.
  4. I think you're wrong I don't agree that the dems are aiding repugnicans - the real enemies and traitors of america who were asleep at the wheel during the worst terrorist attack on our soil, who bankrupted future generations of americans, who lied the country into an ill-conceived and disgraceful war, who let Osama and Mullah Omar escape, who corrupted all branches of the government and who now are trying to silence the media and turn this country into a stalin's concentration camp. No I don't think the dems are helping the real enemies of America. And BTW there was no terrorism in Stalin's Russia.
  5. WTF are you talking about TGregg? You've gone off the deep end.

  6. Not sure why your baggin on the repugnicans here, when your party - the democunts, did the exact same thing during their most recent reign of terror (1992-2000). Such as: Let osama escape several times. Completely asleep at the wheel (or actually getting bjs) while several acts of terror on US soil occurred - to include WTC bombing, OC bombing, possibly the TWA flight, not to mention the overseas ones, US embassy in Kenya, Khobar towers, USS cole, etc. Talk about a disgraceful war - the democunts actually took the side of the al queda led KLA in 1999, and everyone of course everyone loved seeing US airman corpses being dragged though the streets of Mogadishu. Your party opened the door for the invasion from Mexico. Good grief man.
  7. You are right, the dems had pre-9/11 mentality before 9/11, of course Bush did not mention the words "Terrorism" or "Osama" during his entire election campaign and first year in office either. Unfortunately repugnicants have pre-9/11 mentality today - 5 years after 9/11. Osama and Omar are still at large, our borders, ports, nuclear powerstations etc are not secured, republicans even tried to outsource our port security to a hostile arab country.

    LOL, republicans are prone to conspiracy theories too. You just lost the moral right to ridicule ratboy and Wael (I hope it's not going to stop you though).

    I don't disagree with you but at least that war was perfectly executed, it had clear objectives that were actually achieved, it did not cause huge expenses and casualties among our troops, it was not based on false pretenses, it stopped the bloodshed as opposed to the war in Iraq which started it etc...

    What makes you say that, it was not a serious issue during the 90s. On the other side we know which party's presidents support amnesty for illegals - Reagan and Bush Junior.

    The bottom line is - both parties are far from perfect but repugs are several orders of magnitute worse, they are the real enemies and traitors of america.
  8. *Count on the MSM and the libtards to help the terrorists *

    Libtards? I get warm fuzzies inside thinking about how we have such objective, and unbiased moderators here at ET.
    Keep up the good work!

  9. Agree both parties are far from perfect, disagree with your conclusion.

    Anyway, if it were up to you, how would you deal with these "enemies and traitors of America" if you had the authority?
  10. You should have been around a couple of months ago. Your fuzzies would have melted.
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