Coulter slurs Gore by calling him a "Total Fag"

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  1. On "Hardball" Chris Matthews asks Ann Coulter how she knows Clinton is gay.

    Coulter said on Donny Deutsche's show last night that Clinton was a latent homosexual---

    Ann's response to Matthews question about Clinton:

    "Uh, yeah, he may not be gay, but Gore is a total fag. Ummm, no....I am just kidding."
  2. The nag probably only said that cause she tried to throw herself at both of them and got rejected.
  3. That's funny and she's right.
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    Yea. Either you're grossly hypocritical for slamming Coulter or your fixation on the subject is barely masking a latent curiosity.....
  5. Strawman. Ad hominem.

    What I do or don't do, doesn't make Coulter right in what she does...

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    The one where he was calling gays FUDGEPackers was worse. But that thread seems to have gone now. Did a moderator deleted it?
  7. lol.. yeah, kind of like this. When I read this, I knew that Z's credibility on this site was completely shot forever. Just check this out.

    Do you not absolutely love the IF in that bit above? I just love that.
  8. Blah, blah, blah....

    More wretched prattle from the troll with a close relationship to God.
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