Coulter lies again

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  1. No, MSNBC is the al jareeza of the west or at least the US. Al Reuters is the al jazeera of the rest of the western world.

    Ann Coulter has a shelf of best-selling political books, probably gets $30-50,000 per speech and generates a sell-out crowd at any conservative function. Plus, she's funny. Why wouldn't they want her on TV?
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  2. as you can see, facism is alive n well in the republican party.
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  3. Idoogye


    - SHE'S FUNNY ? ~ maybe to a tiresome ideologue like you. But to a sane person with an ounce of decency, she's ugly. obnoxious and hateful. Why they want her on TV could be like why they want something like "Dog the Bounty Hunter" on TV - or why people slow way down to gawk at road accidents and trainwrecks.

    As for Al Jazeera, it often seems rather more fair and balanced than does your beloved Faux News. :p
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  4. Is there a full moon tonight? Moonbats are out in force.

    What is it about Ann Coulter that makes them so crazy?
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  5. Idoogye


    - There must be a full moon; I see the light glinting off the fangs of the Wingnuts.

    Crazy is as crazy does, and anyone who's not crazy can see that Coulter is deranged. Call it "Coulter Derangement Syndrome" if you like.

    Hmmm... 8,557 posts since Oct 2001, each of them pretty much the same ideologically obsessed, reactionary rant.

    So, AAA, where does that place you in the sanity spectrum? :D
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  6. maxpi


    She's funny, she actually has a clear idea of what she stands for, she's educated, highly successful..... secular progressives can't handle that I guess...
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  7. Idoogye


    - What does she stand for, mate? She's mostly on about what she stands against. Whether she's "educated" or "highly successful" are matters of opinion, and she's "funny", I suppose, if your sense of humor is as sick as her own.

    Do you think we secular progressives "can't handle that" because we're envious that we have no similarly accomplished attack-harpy of our own?

    Hey, maxpie, if you're so keen on her, why don't you make a real woman of her and marry the bitch? :p
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  8. I'm curious...did you ever use that phrase ever in your life before you started watching Bill O'Reilly?

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  9. I am a uniter, not a divider.
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  10. Boy, the name calling is just so darn cool and profound. Makes posters seem so very, very smart. By labeling each other I guess we feel somehow justified with whatever our side says or does, no matter how outrageous. If anyone complains about Iraq then they are traitors, and if anyone supports Iraq they are fascists. Wow, once again, I repeat that the terrorists have really done a good job in dismantling America from within. Never in my life have I seen America so divided, and at a time when our President is talking about ww3, not a good sign, not matter which label you're operating under.

    Is there any chance that there will be any logical discussions? Not about Ann Coulter and her marketing prowess, but about the methods employed via hate mongering and fear mongering and finger pointing and labeling of Fellow Americans, and more importantly Fellow human beings.

    Oh well, there I go again, dreaming about what America used to stand for. Maybe some day we'll get together on the same team, oops, dreaming again.


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