Coulter lies again

Discussion in 'Politics' started by james_bond_3rd, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. OMG.. maxipad .. BUSTED! what a twit ROFL :D :D :D
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  2. Here is is what the pussball will say:

    "I have him on ignore, but when I see him quoted I end up reading it."

    See, no mental discipline from the rebugniklan Bush apologist pussball.

    Typical out of sight, out of mind ostritch klannish M.O. covering their eyes like a frightened little girl...but when they see it, they can't help themselves from rubbernecking to read it...and then bitching and moaning like a woman on the rag about what they chose to read...against their will.

    Oh man, what loozers...

    If you are really ignoring someone, you never talk about it...

    Please, someone quote this so the little pussball kotexboy will have to read it.

    :D :D :D

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  3. Good grief, AAA, the Zzzztroll is extremely malevolent. Don't let his gift for gab in any way camoflauge his heinous and vindictive nature.
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  4. Bush Derangement Syndrome is never pretty. I just don't think he is dangerous in the sense that Al Franken or the ACORN or MoveOn thugs are. Even though ZZZ is chronically misguided, I believe he is sincerely against violence and wouldn't endorse it for political purposes.
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  5. They hate our freedoms. Deport them all.
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  6. I believe the Zzzztroll is sincerely against violence - the type waged by America in any form. But if America is the target, it's okay because we deserved it.
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  7. Idoogye


    MoveOn thugs, AAA?

    Yes, "malevolence" is indeed a terrible thing, isn't it? Goes right along with a "heinous and vindictive nature", doesn't it hapaboy?

    And both of you are intimately acquainted with both of them, aren't you?

    You bloody hypocrites! :p
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  8. Oh piss off, you deranged imbecile.

    Welcome to the world of Ignore.
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  9. Idoogye


    - Don't worry, hapless boy. I wouldn't set foot in your ignorant world. :D
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  10. the fact that coulter is repeatedly on fnc show the stupidity of fox, which is the al jazeera of the west.
    #20     Nov 5, 2007