Coulter lies again

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  1. Has anyone else noticed the nonexistence of a charitable organization known as "Lawyers Without Borders"?

    That's the question posed by Coulter in her latest article

    Well, doh, nobody noticed the nonexistence of that charitable organization, because, like, such an organization does in fact exist?

    How out of touch with reality can one be? Did she ever call herself a lawyer? Makes you wonder if she ever did pro bono work...
  2. Lawyers without borders?? (I'm cracking up) Lawyers without borders and scruples has a nice ring to it too.

    Until now. Everybody that has a fear of being sued will be interested in the new invention of New Jersey resident Dr. Stu Nata. The inventor claims that his anti-lawyer spray is "97.5% effective against lawyers and other blood-seeking mofo's"

    According to Dr. Stu Nata, the anti-lawyer spray contains chemicals that fool lawyers into thinking that you are dirt poor.

    "A good lawyer will never take a case against somebody that doesn't have much money. What good is winning a multi-million dollar settlement if the defendant is living in the YMCA?" Stunata explained. "My patent-pending chemical makes the wearer smell... well, poor... and financially uninteresting."

    Stay tuned...
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    Ann Coulter is very funny... a quote from the article:

    "I may have to see a doctor about this. I should probably get on the waiting list now in case Hillary gets elected"
  4. Funny?

    The joke is on the poor slob republican monkeys who actually can't afford heath care or health insurance yet blindly think Coulter cares about the klannish or is actually one of them.

    Coulter will still be paying for, and not having to wait for her private expensive sex change doctors she requires in order to get the proper hormones to keep her beard from growing back matter what happens with public health care.

  5. This is actually from one of the more intelligent moonbats. It's frightening to think of the malevolence that resides in the less sophisticated ones. One shudders to think of them being in control of the government, or worse yet, the health care system. Think of going to the DMV to get your license renewed and being forced to wait for hours as sullen unionized employees deal with several hundred illegal aliens in front of you. If that is what you want when you are sick, then by all means vote democrat.
  6. Got some news for you AAA.

    Your party is irrelevant now and on its way to laughingstock status. Nothing says it better than the AG deal and the legislation on FNM/FRE. It's the scandals and culture of corruption in Washington - not my words - Rove's.

    8 years of DEMs, followed by 4 more if there's a good VP picked, followed by Spitzer.

    Nobody but a fool would give money to Reps.

    Sept. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Dozens of corporate executives who backed President George W. Bush for re-election in 2004, including some of his top fund-raisers, are now helping Democrats running for president.

    John Mack, chief executive officer of Morgan Stanley, Rupert Murdoch, chairman of News Corp., and Terry Semel, chairman of Yahoo! Inc., are among some 60 executives writing checks to Democrats such as Senators Hillary Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois, a review of U.S. Federal Election Commission records shows.
  7. In civilized countries like California, you make appointments to see the DMV...

    I really don't have an issue with you being in love the a man like Coulter, even men can be raving hysterical bitches.

    I can't find a single person on the left who I agree with in all their positions, but the klannish are reading from playbook of Limfat, Man Coulter, Hammity, etc. 100% of the time.

    That's how it goes with conformists who are incapable of independent rational thinking. They live in fear, so they seek out the fear mongering pundits.

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    Wow, those 60 donors are going to sway the election!!
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    I wish posters would not quote ZZZzzzBraintrash. All the secular progressives are powerless to do anything about their personal lives, he is not getting any better and most likely he lives on the verge of getting much worse... meanwhile he is annoying and I could forget he exists if nobody quoted him...

    If he hung himself in protest the news articles would not point out that he was ZZZZZZzzzzzzzSuperTroll anyhow... there is no closure on this shit.. just unending shit. The guy is one frigging little vote among a hundred million voters, ET does not have to defeat him, just ignoring him to the greatest extent possible would be fine would it not?

    OTOH, seeing his quotes is a big incentive for me to vote early and often... maybe he should be quoted...
  10. Aren't you the pussball that goes around claiming to have me on ignore?


    Apparently you can't exercise the strength of will to actually ignore what you say you are ignoring...

    Too freaking funny, but then that is the klownish klannish for ya...

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