could your order be viewed?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by flyingforget, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. if you place stop or limit order

    could it be viewed by other people ?

    they know you place what type and what price

    could it be ?
  2. With some brokers yes.
  3. on the contrary could I view other people's order?

    I wonder

    I am using IB
  4. mokwit


    Retail stops can be viewed as orange dots on Bloomberg charts by using the RTST function. HTH.
  5. does IB offer the service?
  6. mokwit


    Flyingforget, I'm pulling your leg.

    In some thinner markets like Hang Seng they will get everybody's stop because that is what they set out to do. People put their stops in the same places across markets e.g. whatever number of ticks corresonds with USD50/contract above/below last extreme. In Hang Seng it does not really matter where a stop is placed relative to where most place them, it will find it anyway. Locals make money on the reversal, brokers make money on the executions. It is in their interest to move the market to where the stops are- the market will always go from liquidity to liquidity.

    At the very least try and put your stop above/below the second NOT first Support/Resistence, the first is almost always taken out.
  7. mokwit

    I noticed people always move the price the stop where is most

    placed but many are false breakout

    do you think people could make profits consistently by moving the price to stops where are most placed ?

    thank you
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    Think if the reason it is a false breakout is because someone just pushed it there to get the stops.
  9. no ... but the "dark side" knows your position

  10. mokwit

    could you know the order is placed by pc or human?
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