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  2. I find it hard to believe people actually thought they would get away with it. Of course, on the other hand, if they were 100% sure they would get caught, they probably would not have done it in the first place.
  3. man, if i thought i could get away with it i would have been going hell for leather..

    which freakin idiot spilt the beans though! sheesh! what a schmuk! if i'd discovered a glitch like that i wouldn't tell a soul...

    the thing is, you needed a card to access the ATM right? in that case i don't really see how you could've gotten away with it...

    then again, i suppose you could just mug someone and use their card... seeings as you didn't require the PIN number...

    now, if i could somehow possibly have known that it would go on for five days (and maybe longer, if someone hadn't blabbed), i probably would've done just that. :D

    then borrow my friend's turbin (yep, he's got one), find a out-of-the-way ATM at night and back up the truck!
  4. I would have just waited across the way from the ATM and waited until people got all their money and then rob them. That way, they get slapped for stealing and I get off -- what are they going to do, go to the police and tell them that someone robbed them of all the money they just stole from the ATM?

    Since I'm robbing a thief instead of robbing the ATM, I'm better morally than they are. That's the kind of sick twisted logic I would use to convince myself it was ok and to sleep better at night.
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    Really good thinking Ahpie!
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    A fine plan Aphie.....:confused:
  7. yeah, good in theory... but what about carrying it out?

    where are you gonna get these people? in broad daylight?

    and how would you know how much they withdrew? not really worth bashing someone who only grabbed a 100 bucks...

    and how would you know they weren't legally withdrawing the money? in which case they would report you...

    and even if you did it, you probably wouldn't come away with much anyway....

    i'd just pick off some drunk schmuck walking the streets in a drunken stupor... he'll still probably have a card... and that's all i need...

    or you could concoct a plot with someone to use their card, and then when they get caught to make out like it was stolen from them....but they didn't realize for a few days..... just enough time for me to clean out a cool million or so :D
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    Wouldn't this be a great story to tell the grand kids?

    "So grandpa, how did you start trading? where did you get your grub stake?"

    "Well, it just so happens...."

  9. it obviously wasn't that great a plan, but the sarcasm was directed at the idea of doing something illegal for personal gain, i'd like to quote my favorite wrestler, from back when i used to actually watch the crap, The Million Dollar Man, "Every man has his price".

    what say you rs7? do you have your price?

    would you take a life for cash?
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    In problem. In reality.....I can't really say. I doubt I could pull the trigger on someone as in a "hit"...

    Now, there IS one guy that I could kill, and then easily take a nap right after doing it. If I thought I could get away with it, I would. And the price would be zero.

    As for someone I didn't know...I guess not. Unless it was, say Saddam, and I had a clear shot and a getaway.

    And Faster.....I never killed anyone. Nor was I in Viet Nam other than for a few days. I did not see battle there. I did hear it though. And at night I could see the lights. Guys would put beach chairs on the roofs of the barracks and get high and watch the light show. Very weird stuff.

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