Could you really hate a politician?

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Could you really hate a politician?

  1. Yes, I hate a certain politician.

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  2. No, I don't hate any politician.

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  3. No, I just hate their supporters! They shall be insulted and hanged!

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  4. No, I just hate negative supporters who are quick and nasty with their insults

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  1. Just curious.

    I personally don't care much about politician. Just because I vote one over the other doesn't mean I hate the other one.
  2. one guy believes the root of a problem is one thing, and another guy believes the exact opposite. this is the reality, and it's an old one. so we might want to be careful with our hate. that said, when a politician sends men off to fight and die for something you or I don't believe in... well, life and death creates a lot of emotion.
  3. I was just thinking that the other day.

    "Hate is a strong word"... but I could be getting close.. for Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and all the principle-less Dems who sold their vote on Obamacare... especially if they didn't read the entire bill (or any of it, for that matter.)

    You gotta admit...Obama is having a big influnence over the country... He derides the US Constitution, abuses its protections... and how many BALD FACED LIES has he told? Is that reason enough to despise someone?
  4. I think blind, unreasoning hatred is almost exclusively an attritube of the left, although they and the media see it only in conservatives.

    You see it on display here. Certain posters cannot mention Sarah Palin without some reference to her being a "dumb cunt" or worse. Bush, cheney and Rove were not just misguided in the left's eyes. They were criminals who plotted to kill millions for oil money, conspired to create 9/11 and gleefully tortured hundreds of innocent third world people caught up in their evil web. The left describes the republican plan for health care as "hurry up and die", then turns around and complains that people use harsh language on them.
  5. Ricter


    That about says it. I would add that a test of "hate" could be if you want the subject of your hate to perish. We have no trouble with this when we're talking about generic evil, so it could be a fair test.

    It's dangerous hating, wanting to perish, the political opposition. Does anyone believe that unfettered power maximizing either end of the political spectrum would not create hell on Earth? I see value in the ongoing tension, though it does create stress. Hence the "tension" part.

    Edit: and yes, I do get scatophagos. We all know what scat is, and phagos is Latin (Greek?) for eating. : )
  6. that's what I was getting at, everyone thinks they are the correct one and the other guy is wrong. mirror oppostes.
  7. I thought that was the plan of the Dems in Obamacare. If they're going to cut $500 from Medicare, where do you think that's coming from? How about "care rationing" for the elderly... that is, if you're old and get sick, you'll just get some pain pills and be told to "go home and wait for it".
  8. "$500 = $500B"
  9. I'm annoyed by politicians who argue for the sake of arguing. Or to put another way, they agree in principle with a bill but try to figure out an angle to get something out of it for their constitutents or at worse, gain political capital for the next round.

    Seems like so much bs to me but hey, that's the game, I'd rather not know about it and even less, be a part of it.

    Vote for me, I'm a weasel.
  10. The REAL question is why do they hate the Constitution, the protestant work ethic, meritocracy, thrift and all of the other values of the founding fathers? ... and why do we tolerate it?

    IOW: Why do the politicians hate me?
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