Could you help me with this Survey

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  1. Hi, this is student from Kent state university financial engineering program. I have a project research on the trading platforms. I design a survey for further research on this topic and hope anybody here can help me with this survey by your valuable experience. I appreciated.

    Please answer following questions to four Trading platforms by your experience. You can just pick any platform you are familiar with.

    (Choose the Number 1. Bad. 2. So So 3. Good 4.Excellent)

    • Globex:
    • Atos:
    • OM:
    • Eurex:

    A. The requirement to run the software?

    B. The speed of these systems response?

    C. The stability of the system?

    D. Easy to understand or use the software?

    E. Can you trust the software?

    F. How is online customer service? offline customer service? Q&A? User guild?

    • Globex: