Could we lighten up on the Mahomes talk until he has won something?

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    The guy throws this pass and wasnt looking and it is all we hear about. That is not a winning formula in the NFL. That is what we call getting lucky. The kid is a work in progress and still needs to do a lot more before he is anointed.
  2. This is why he is getting all the press, the pass was just one thing:


    If that is a work in progress maybe you should follow the NFL more closely.
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    Its about winning.

    Matt Ryan is third on the list and the Falcons are horrible. The fact that Drew Brees is 10th tells me everything I need to know about this list.
  4. KC is tied for the best record in the AFC and NFL. So you are right, it is about winning.

    He is getting the credit he deserves for being the one of the best QB in the league as a rookie. No one is annointing him the Hall of Fame. But that was a great play and his instincts have been very good.

    Drew Brees is 10th just because it is in order of passing yards. Drew is the #1 QB in the league by most stats but Mahomes is right behind him in every category as a rookie.

    matt ryan is having a great year but the team is shittier. Team defense was 6th last year but is now 15th. Total points scored was much higher last year. Football is a team sport.
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  5. Brees is the most overrated NFL player since Joe Namath.
    His Home/Road splits look like Todd Helton or Dante Bichete from the Colorado Rockies.
    He’s a very good QB but plays at least 9 games a year in a dome and a bunch more in Carolina, Tampa Bay, etc.
    Also his defenses have been some of the worst in the NFL the last 15 years.
    He’s a Fantasy football hero because of his ridiculous second half and garbage time stats when his team was down 3-4 TD’s at halftime
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    Nah that’s not true. He’s won more games at QB than anyone else other than Brady.
    Holds tons of records.
    He’s completed 75% of his passes this year. That’s fucking insane.
    He’s almost 40 and still barely 6 foot tall.
    Brees is a stud.

    As for Mahomes, he certainly looks like the real deal. But he’s only played 13 games. Let’s see how he deals with a huge hit - he hasn’t taken many yet.
  7. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    Mahomes makes NFL history with 50 TDs & 5,000 passing yards

    Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes made history when he became the second NFL player to ever throw for 50 touchdowns and 5,000 passing yards in a single season.

    Mahomes achieved the feat in Kansas City's resounding 35-3 demolition of the Oakland Raiders on Sunday.

    The only other player to have 50 touchdowns and more than 5,000 passing yards in a year was Peyton Manning, who did so at age 37 in 2013.
  8. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    Kansas City Chiefs secure the top seed for the first time in two decades

    The Kansas City Chiefs have secured the #1 seed in the NFL playoffs for the first time in over two decades.

    Eight different starting quarterbacks. Six different head coaches. 21 total years. That’s how long it’s been since the Kansas City Chiefs had the No. 1 seed heading into the NFL playoffs.
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    Kansas City Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl. Too bad they are going to have to buy tickets.
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    It wasn't his fault they were equal teams. If not for the offside, they would have won...
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