Could we have a breakup of the US?

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Will the US break up and how?

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  1. Calif declares war on Utah, secession becomes a fad

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  2. Nobody secedes, too busy with sports

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  3. Texas secedes, declares war on the New World Order

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  4. Utah secedes, declarss war on San Francisco

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  5. The midwest seceds, goes into financial collapse

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  6. The Northeast seceds, joins the EU

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  1. Gerald Celente went out on a limb recently and predicted revolution and breakup of the US. So far his predictions have been that we would have the crisis of 08, now he's saying the collapse of '09 and possibly revolution and some areas of the country seceding from the Union. I agree with the collapse of '09, commercial real estate will go spinning off the back edge of the world after the upcoming dismal shopping season and it's leveraged more than the typical house... probably unemployment will hit levels like the 1930's [personally I would expect it to exceed the 30's] and the devaluation of the dollar is ongoing so it seems plausible that we will be calling it "collapse" soon enough but will that lead to revolution and secession? I can't see it...
  2. Real estate market still strong in North Carolina. Was featured on CNN too.
  3. I'm the one who voted for the NE joining the EU. Been a natural since the War of 1812, over which New England threatened to secede.
  4. My vote is....."AMT4SWA and Alex Jones in Austin, TX secede and declare war on the New World Order (while MANY timid and docile americans just watch)!!!" :cool:
  5. One of the New England states [can't recall which] has it in their charter that they can vote to secede......
  6. Wheres the too busy trading choice?
  7. TGregg


    Y'all remember that we tried that once, right? Don't get me wrong, if Texas busted away I'd be moving. And I'd laugh my @$$ off if some loser liberal states broke off and suffered the economics of liberalism alone.

    But that's not going to happen.
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    You're almost certainly right, but I wish it would happen.
  9. I made this argument several months ago. The cultural gap between red and blue states has become too extreme to continue as one peaceful country. It is only a matter of time before the disputes erupt into open violence Greece-style. A significant portion of the blue states sees traditional Christians as objects of ridicule at best and at worst as human rights criminals. Most of the red staters are appalled at the culture or lack thereof, irresponsibleness and corruption in the NE, Chicagoland and California.

    The bailouts will only increase the tension. Red staters will begin to understand that they are paying the bill for corruption, insane labor policies and profligacy. The auto bailouts will provide the tinder. State and municipal handouts, which are inevitable, will light the fire. Why should responsible people in South Carolina, Kansas or Utah pay the bill so municpal employees in california can retire after 25 years with a $100k per year pension and gold-plated health care? Why should they be taxed excessively to ease the pain of a UAW worker who has been paid for five years to play videogames as part of the notorious jobbank?

    Viewed objectively, the country can be easily and sensibly divided as follows. California, Oregon and Washington, and maybe N. Mexico and Arizona, into a new country called Pacifica or maybe Mexico North. The northeast and new england into a new country called New Europa. The upper midwest into a country called Uniontopia. The rest of the country stays as is. Everybody is happy.
  10. Your ignorance of basic economics and how a nation works is just bottomless.
    Check the following table:

    Taxes paid vs taxes received, 2005

    ALL of the top 10 states save one on that list are states that you so richly characterize as "the rest of the country".
    If it broke up, guess what? The Far West and the Northeast would be relieved of the burden of supporting the Palin Real Americans.
    Feel free to leave anytime.
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