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  1. My apologies for the somewhat unusual first post and thanks for reading... In the past 6+ years I've made about $1,500,000 in profits by trading full-time, starting with about $60,000. Here's a video proof of profits in my largest account: (note: I changed my Ameritrade username to make that video)

    I need to make/earn another $1,000,000 or so to reach my personal financial goals. Unfortunately the profits generated by my strategies have been steadily declining so I need a new approach for that last million. I believe I would fit well in a quant hedge fund, but could use some advice on how to break into the industry (I'm nowhere close to NYC/CT) and what kind of compensation package to expect? I am not interested in low-comp junior positions. If I can't get $150K+/year for starters, I'll just go back to being a software engineer and trade on the side. I'm open to any other job as well, as long as it pays well.

    My non-trading background is bachelors and masters in computer science from top schools followed by a number of years as a software engineer.

    To head off any questions/doubts:
    1) Yes, I realize my proof video could've been faked. If it comes to that I can post any number of other documents (monthly brokerage statements, 1099s, tax returns, etc) as proof, but I am asking for advice about a quant job, not trying to prove my profits to the world. I will obviously provide all the required proof to potential employers.

    2) I can't discuss any aspect of my trading strategies.

    3) I am not interested in any investments or business propositions that involve putting my own capital at risk or that don't guarantee me a salary of $150K+/year.

    I'll be happy to answer any questions as long as they are not about my trading strategies. Thanks for your help.
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  3. Much thanks, that site does look exactly like what I need. Admins -- please feel free to delete this thread.