could the economic situation be different if we voted differently

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  1. i was just thinking would the economic situation be different now if we voted for the other party or whether it was inevitable due to the parties have one agenda.

    in britain i think the conservatives would have put us in the same position. do you think it is the same in america? that no matter who you put in the situation would be the same.

    there seems to be bipartisan corruption. what do you think is there anything we could have done?
  2. Ross Perot 1992. That was the chance we had.
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    I think we would have ended up at much the exact same place if Clinton, who so many praise as one of the greatest presidents ever, could have been elected to 2 more terms.

    Basically the banks, lobbyists from the other major corporations, and special interest groups run the show.
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    if only if only
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    Clinto....greatest ever?????????????

    Bin laden owes clinto his life, without clinton there is no 911, cra, or hillary.
  6. Ron Paul's son sees things like his father and is running for Congress... perhaps he'll lead the Constitutional Republic Party to victory and throw all the bums out..
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    Probably not much at this point in time but we wouldn't be setting up America to fail under an avalanch of new spending for socialist entitlements. And that's not to mention the new contribution to the criminal element (so long as they provide cash to your campaign).

    I should add that Obama is obviously anti-business and without tax breaks and other concessions to small and medium size businesses the recovery will be stymied if not aborted by current pollicy.
  8. In theory, yes, the economic situation would be different now, simply because shorter term cycles are spun-out from a vector impulse (election) but are still subject to long term cycles that have been in play for decades, if not centuries. The prime key is time, when these cycles start harmonizing.

    But again, this is dealing in theory as observed in a vacuum, not a dynamic system with multiple nested cycles, operating within emotionally stimulated forces.

    No one can accurately predict the future.
  9. The peril of democracy was pointed out millenia ago - once people figure out they can vote themselves bread and circuses and fob the cost of on future generations, it isn't reasonable to expect any political party to do anything but give the people what they want, as long as they can.

    As long as there is human nature, there will be cycles like this, IMO.
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    Things currently would not be alot different in the US.

    However, our decline would be a little slower than what our current socialist Pres/congress is forcing us towards.

    We can't even pay for our current entitlements after 2017, let alone the new ones that they are trying to shove down our throats.

    Throw in some version (yet to be determined) of cap n' tax, and our descent is much quicker than it would be with the democrat-light Republicans.
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