Could South Dakota Bring An End to Short Selling?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by nitro, Aug 14, 2008.

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  2. Ah, but the bigger question is: Can New York regulate Prairie Dogs? South Dakato should butt the f out. This country was founded on the basic principles that bag holders went west.
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    with obama in the whitehouse and the Dow under 10k, who knows, it could happen
  4. At any cost political reformation takes place in America by next year, obviously Obama becomes the president , may be who knows he may change that and put an end to that.
    South Dakota Drug Addiction
  5. "Alcoholism and drug abuse in South Dakota are both scary things,..."

    Who in the hell writes like that? alcoholism and drug abuse are "scary".


    Now we're all fucking scared.

    Maybe that's why they all drink and smoke dope, every one is scary in SD.
  6. Well the New Yorkers have been regulating the Wolves out West, so I guess SD should be able to regulate the financial Markets back East.:cool:
  7. been regulating the Wolves out West

    You talking about those dubious Utah corporations, or the "out West" mining stocks?:D