Could someone explain this with plain English?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by mcgene4xpro, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. Hi, i have watched a Utube video

    and because i have very little to no knowledge about programming, i could not understand what is this utube clip about.

    However, could someone explain it in simple language so someone like me could understand.

  2. Don't feel bad. I couldn't make much of the YouTube. It is just 40 seconds of something on a computer screen. I think it is suppose to show you all the orders being executed by a HFT program.

    Bottom line - lots of stuff happening real fast.

    Personally I think HFT should be outlawed. The economic justification for this and almost everything that causes abnormal volatility is that it provides liquidity to the market.

    The irony is that added liquidity is suppose to reduce volatility but there must be something wrong with all those cool economic theories.
  3. Thank you Quickless. However, i believe that MT4 can not play HFT. My understanding is mql4 is not as suitable as C++ or Java for HFT. Also, the MT4 brokers are mostly slow brokers.. So what is the point of using MT4 to submit hft orders. I believe to be HFT, it is microsecod orders... So it is impossible with MT4 servers/Brokers. That is why i was wondering if this guy defining HFT as we define " microsecond hundreds or thousand orders" or just many orders per minute on Demo !! . What is the point of using another language with MQL4? .. However, it could be all just B.S.

    Thank you for sharing your opinion regarding HFT.
  4. that's a SIM account so you have no idea whether that's a minute or an hour or a month's worth of data.

    For the number of orders sent vs. tickets filled it looks like they are trying to trade events possibly - idk

    why don't you email the guy who posted the video?

    FYI - everything he posted on youtube is all from demo accounts.