Could someone do a Preview Order/Check Margin on IB for me please?

Discussion in 'Options' started by swag, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. swag


    If anyone would be so kind, I'm wondering what the margins are for 6E futures options at Interactive brokers. I'm on the TWS Demo and I'm not sure if the margins are realistic as compared to a live account.

    What margin I'd like to check:

    Sell -1
    underlying: 6E (this is underlying EUR in TWS if I'm not mistaken)
    strike: 1.29 Put
    expiry: June'12

    I'm really just wondering what the IB margins are, compared to thinkorswim. At TOS, the margin for this is $3,200. Curious as to know if these margins are higher/lower at IB. The TWS Demo doesn't have accurate market data (shows 6E at 1.1958, though it's really at 1.3197), so I'm guessing the margins are also misleading.

    Thanks in advance, I'm very grateful.
  2. $3,298 initial, $2,443 maint.
  3. swag


    Thanks :)