Could somebody explain Russia's behavior?

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  1. With trouble of their own with muslims (Chechnya) why are the Russians
    so eager to help Iran with their nuclear program?

    Do they really think they are going to exploit these fucktards and have an outcome any better than they did in Afghanistan?

    I must be missing something here what is it?
  2. Perhaps you are missing "the man" behind the curtain, the director of the play, the conductor of the symphony, the international race of financiers who have funded anarchistic causes for hundreds of years, seized control of media empires around the world, funded liberal and communist political activists, and other forces of deviance......

    to the detriment and ultimate destruction of the white, Christian race - the only formidable restraint between it and worldwide rule - its ultimate objective.

    They believe their messiah has not yet come, that he will free them from bondage, that they will become kings of the gentiles, who will worship them. They believe this will be physical, here and now, on this earth, in this life.

    Ask yourself the question: who seized control of Russia's assets following the collapse of the USSR?

    Who has seized control of the USSA's media, politicians, political activists (is there really any difference between modern republicans and democrats?), who was dancing in the streets when the world trade centers collapsed?
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  4. Post like yours make me think maybe there is hope for humanity, when there is such awakened individual like you.

    And of course the answer to the question is.

    Hardcore Zionist Jews.