could some one help me ?

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  1. maybe it is not proper to start the thread here

    I wanna subscribe the Dvd of stocks and commodities

    but when I send the email to

    I find I can not send the email successfully

    I have sent the email serveral times

    but failed

    I do not know how to contact the staff of stocks and commodities

    I live in China

    how to contact them?

    thank you
  2. and I find I can not place the order on their website

    I can not open the page at all

    I do not know why
  3. nkhoi

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    E-mail: • questions about orders and products • questions about magazine content

    try other email but it looks like you are blocked from receiving incoming traffic.
  4. You're probably being filtered by your beloved Politburo.
  5. Ivanovich

    sure some website are filtered in China

    but I can not believe stocks and commodities is in the list
  6. the web is filtered

    I am angry with the stupid action
  7. Opra


    There is definitely a Great (Fire)Wall of China. When I was in Shanghai last year, my Tradestation wouldn't work, my scanning software couldn't connect to the vendor's website to get daily updates and IB was painfully slow, too slow even for swing trading. Only platform that worked well was TOS. Just dont' understand why these sites would be filtered or blocked.
  8. really?

    I am in Shanghai too

    IB is not slow ,the response time is 50 ms

    and I rent tradestation

    I did not find such a problem
  9. joesan


    Hi,How much do you pay for the tradestation platform as non-brokerage client >

  10. Opra


    Maybe things have changed or maybe I didn't dig deeper as I was there for a couple of weeks and did not want to be actively involved. Next time I am there I will try again.
    #10     May 26, 2007