Could Italy be the next Greece?

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  1. marcolo17


    Despite bowing down to the EU and cutting the budget deficit, do you guys think that their populist government will become more fiscally reponsible? Imo we might see a scenario similar to the 2010 Greek debt crisis sooner rather than later.
  2. maxinger


    No idea.
    I just know Italy Bond and Germany bond are getting very tradable.
  3. Marokkoko


    Lol, don't be afraid about that. Italy won't become Greece. There are a lot of different reasons why this won't happen. You've got a lot of tourists, and that's gonna save your country.
  4. smallfil


    Countries of the European Union most at risk are France, Italy and Spain. Watch out for those three. There are not enough monies for social programs and refugees are flooding in from the Middle East and Merkel keeps taking them in. All those refugees get benefits. Housing, monies, jobs, apartments, healthcare.
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    Could Italy be the next Greece?

    -I thought it already is?
  6. Visaria


    Just keep an eye on Italian bond yields. A spike to 3.5% will mean trouble.
  7. And when Italy will be in the same situation as a Greece and will ask for helpEU. EU will say, and we should be solidary ,and then they will be threatened countries like my country why you do not want to donate them money because they have problems. My country, when it joined the EU, has signed that it every country in EU is responsible for its debt itself.
    EU goes to hell
  8. Where can I sign up?
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    Just become a refugee to any European Union country since, they have to accept you and give you benefits!
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    What do you think guys, when is a good time for trading and what position- long or short?
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