Could I get a prop deal with these parameters? From Bright or other reputable shops

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by John47, Jan 19, 2008.

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    I've traded futs for maybe 2 years now, backed by a bigger trader. I live away from my home, however.

    I'm thrilled with my deal and want it to continue for another few years, but am curious as to how difficult it would be for someone like me, hypothetically, to get backed by a good prop shop to trade equities from home.

    I have capital to put up ( around 5 g's is standard right? ) What type of deal could I expect to get? What kind of pay outs, and what kind of freedom in how i trade? Just wondering. Thanks.
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    Oh yeah, here's the other parameter, I don't have any licenses. Basically to get a deal I'd rely on my expirience and my capital, to sum it up.
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  4. From what I understand

    JC Trading



    may all give you 20 to 1 leverage with 5k and no license.

    They will probably want to know how you intend to trade before ultimately settling on the leverage.

    Your per share cost will be a function of volume. If any of their reps are reading, they can weigh in.
  5. GGSAE


    You need the series 7 at Bright, no way getting around that.

    Not sure what you mean by live away from home? You can trade remote with a lot of prop firms pretty much anywhere in the world, but at Bright (and i assume others) you have to be instantly reached via IM/phone or both when you're trading. 5K is weak but a lot of firms will take you at that, i think Bright looks for minimum in the 10-15k category, ask Don, he'll give you a better idea.
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    If I wold try stocks it woldn't be for a few years ...more capital isn't a problem, the most important thing if i wold do this, i suppose, wold be being able to trade remotely withot a license.

    I appologize i just broke my keyboard.