Could eSignal really be this bad?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by tortoise, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. tortoise


    I've just started a 30 day trial of their data-only service. After three days, I am shocked by

    1) consistently lagging data
    2) bad ticks appearing with extraordinary regularity (specifically, I'm referring to the SPYs)

    Their data quality appears to be inferior in every respect to TradeStation's.

    Surely, this can't be their standard, else why would anyone subscribe? And yet, I hear so many complaints about them, I'm beginning to wonder. Does anyone have anything good to say about eSignal data? Please speak up!
  2. can you explain what you mean specifically about bad ticks on the SPY? do you mean it lags alot, or that it is showing ticks that never actually happened?
  3. tortoise


    Well, there is the lag issue, but I'm specifically referring to ticks that never happened. It's ridiculous.
  4. ElCubano


    yesterday on the spy...i saw it also
  5. ZBEAR


    I don't know exactly how you are set up but.....

    If you have up an eSig chart.....
    Right click on chart and go to Properties.
    Click the TICK FILTERING box.

    Perhaps that will help..... then again - maybe not.

  6. tortoise


    it's happened at least 4 times today as well...inexcusable

  7. Are you saying that TradeStation's data quality was good and ESignal is very inferior to TradeStation's ?

    Or that TradeStation's data quality sucks and ESignal sucks even more.

    Just curious ...
  8. Yesterday I saw the ridiculous bars on the SPY as well, at the time of the announcement. There was a bar that had a bad low price some $40 off the market and it 'compressed' the rest of the bars up into the top of the chart. If your data provider can't function at this critical moment, what's the point?

    Who knows what's going on at eSignal. It shows that there is a unmet need in the data market.
  9. heres a pretty nice bad tic on the ER2

  10. so for these bad ticks, are there matching bad ticks in other charting software? if that were the case then that would be more indicative that bad data was coming from the exchange. However it seems like this is more likely an e-signal software bug
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