Could buffet blow up?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stock_trad3r, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. brk.a is falling off a cliff when the rest of the market is down a little

    Is it really possible that after decades of beating the market he finally succumbed to the rule of averages?

    what did buffet buy? Geico can't save the day.

    he should buy apple, google and rimm. lose the GE and GS.
  2. eagle


    Folks! Stock_trad3r turned bearish now. :D

  4. clacy


    Ok, that's back to back days with Maria Bartiromo and stock_trader.

    We're getting very close to at least a short term bottom. My guess would be that as soon as we have a bear market rally, these two would go 100% bullish again, so this is just a short term mark.

    Once I hear stock_trader say that buy & hold doesn't work any longer and sees no reason for hope, then you might have a real bottom.
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    Hahahhaaaaaahhaaaa............. down a measly 45%
  6. no I'm not bearish. :D

    it's funny that buffet is hailed as the oracle and now he's losing his shirt. There is even a book out called The Snowball. The irony that the tome chronicling his career was published as brk.a is falling off a cliff.

    But what's wrong with brk.a? Anyone have any scoop on this?$16-Billion---Has-Warren-Buffett-Lost-His-Touch?/

    A 40% loss on a $5 billion investment in GS would not explain this huge selling

    are there toxic assets? options?
  7. As much as I like the guy, I don't mind seeing him getting his ass handed to him. His admirers have turned him into a saint. Nothing better than a market crash busting their little bubbles.
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    why not? why could'nt Buffet blow up. look at where he bought Goldman and GE. wonder how many other dumb bets he made. actually bad bets not dumb bets. i do like the guy. its hard not to like a guy like Buffet.
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    buffett wont blow up. but if a depression comes his long track record(book value growth of BRKA) wont look so brillant, specially compared to a lot of hedge fund managers out there