Could bitcoin become the next Swiss bank account?

Discussion in 'Cryptocurrencies' started by johnarb, Mar 8, 2018.

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    I don't have to prove anything to anybody, specially people whose only arguments when confronted with logic is personal attacks, which is exactly your case(proven in other discussions where your lack of arguments resulted in this)...
    You and your buddy there come up with your BS and keep telling yourselves that by trying to offend and making personal remarks, you "win". Makes no difference to me...:D Keep living in your fantasy world, where you are "the mature experienced supreme holder of truth"...:rolleyes:
    I'll just keep using logic and paying attention to real logic ideas like the ones from Milton Friedman, Hayek, Ayn Rand and the like, (who are much older than you btw, not that that matters), but these ideas(which are the same as mine and the ones I described above) have actual logic backing them up, not to mention reality.:)

    Get a life...:finger: As I said, opinions don't matter...

    Time will tell...;)
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    That never happens around here. :D
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  3. After going the self employed route, I've learned that a penny saved is more like 1.3-1.4 pennies earned, oh the joys of taxes lol. Hope you are doing well man!
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    You could probably sell it on the black market for cash if you're willing to let it go at say a 25% discount and you're willing to meet with shady characters face to face.
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  5. Sig


    This is true... Heck if you're willing to live in a crypto colony (I just invented and ® that term) with a bunch of like minded types you could use that evil "fiat" currency as toilet paper. Just not an idea of a good time for most of us.
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  6. DaveP648


    As far as I can tell the chainblx platform will allow you to buy stock directly with crypto, then sell it back for crypto without leaving the anonymous ecosystem.
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  7. Sig


    Welcome back! I was missing your posts, we've lost a couple of the good guys lately so hope you're back for a while. I actually tell people that investing in solar for your house is a no-brainer in may cases for exactly that reason, your payback comes in offsetting electric bills paid in after tax dollars.
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    Welcome back!
    Remember when I told you to buy PANW for your mom at $109 cause it was safe?
    ... and that Ford was going down lol :D
    Hope you're doing great.
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  9. Sig


    I don't think you grasp the meaning of the term "personal attack". You're a bright teenager, or someone with the intellect and special kind of arrogance we all had as teenagers, with jack for real world experience. You think Ayn Rand is a deep thinker and that you're the only one who's read Friedman and Hayek. You haven't had the time or experience to develop your own philosophies so you appropriate theirs and think it makes you superior. And it does compared to the morons you are forced to associate with every day at school. We've all been there, I thought Rand was a hero when I read Atlas Shrugged at 15 too. Get some experience in the real world under your belt, learn to think on your own, and you'll be an interesting person worth talking with.

    That's a personal attack. Sorry, I didn't mean it.

    Pointing out that the theory someone postulates has some holes in it is not a personal attack. It's what mature adults in the scientific and engineering worlds do for a living. I'd fully expect the same from you toward any theory I postulated, or in response to my comments. Instead you randomly throw out some meaningless aphorisms and then start crying when use a little humor to point out what you did. That makes me a little sad, I'd much rather you shoot holes in my assertion that making computing power nearly limitless makes cryptocurrency based on mining nearly worthless. Or that governments can close down chokepoints on cryptocurrency same as Swiss banks. I'm sure there are errors in my thought process, I'd love to hear them?
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  10. NeoTrader


    You don't know anything about me... And you just proved my point. Learn to argue like an adult and bring real arguments discussing the subject, not trying to switch the topic to your opponent.

    I'm done with you.:finger:

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