Could Atheism Answer This?

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  1. Life on earth will end. Its precise end time is not known, but it is fact to take place in the future no later than dates such as the date when the sun will finish consuming itself. What do the atheists(and other non religious people) think of the purpose of life?
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    If not God created purposes then Man created purposes.
  3. Philosophy does not fuel people's actions. Be concrete. Everything that human created, create, and will create, will end. The idea of passing things to future generations/civilizations will hit a wall in the future.
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    Ok, be concrete then. It's highly probable we can successfully pass culture on to the next generation.
  5. Depends what you mean by purpose. What purpose does an ant have? A frog or a fish? A bird or a plant? The purpose of these living orgamisms is to live their lives out and multiply. Such is the purpose of human beings. Just because we are of higher intelligence doesn't mean we have a higher purpose.
    Now if you're talking about some higher calling, some greater reason for being, some test to past, you'll probably end up being disappointed. There is no evidence of heaven or hell, other than what we make of our lives here on earth. There are no rewards or punishments, again, other than what we experience in the here and now.
    It is our purpose to make the best of what we have. We are social animals for the most part so it would be in our best interest to get along. However, we are afraid, hardly out of the cave socially speaking, so getting along is a challenge we have yet to master.
    While I remain open to the concept that there may be some type of existance we experience after our body and brain dies in the current form, it seems highly unlikey it will be anything which the traditional ideas now promote. There is no proof, no proof at all that we're here for any other reason than the simple fact that we are, well, just here.
    So why go on? Why bother at all? Well, for one, life is exciting and full of twists and turns. There is always the wonder and amazement of suddenly realizing how compleltely wrong you were about something and then seeing the world in a entirely different way, which leads me to the final reason for carrying on. I might be wrong about everything.:eek: :D I would not at all be surprised at the moment I'm sucking in my last breath I'll be saying to myself, no way, you got to be kidding me. I hope to leave with a wry smile then knowing the truth. The truth the living will never know with the absolute certainty that we seek.