Could anyone play God better than Morgan Freeman?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Hoofhearted, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. I mean seriously-


    George Burns couldn't hold his cigar up to this guy's nutsack.

    When counseling troubled kids, I often tell them, "You need to get some Morgan Freeman into your life". :)
  2. Could anyone make a more stupid thread?

    God is definitely NOT a liberal.
  3. My apologies. I have obviously overlooked the incomprehensible-to-me level of wisdom that has been ordained to you.

    Do you have a problem with Morgan Freeman playing God, or my opinion that his performance was far superior to that of George Burn's ?
  4. No but I do have a problem with you pushing liberal stupidity on troubled kids.
  5. You watch the movie, 'Lean on me'....then go flapping your fluffer.
  6. Maybe you should tell them to get more Joe Clark in their lives instead. Morgan Freeman is only pretending. It's called acting. I know you're immune to reality but try harder anyway.
  7. So you want to try and label me, and belittle me for suggesting to troubled youth that Morgan Freeman may have some positive influence in their lives?

    You judgemental sob. How bout this-you take back that foul jizz from satan's cock that you just spewed from your pie hole, apologize, and I won't hold any grudges against you what-so-ever? How bout it? we gotta deal? Or are you going to continue to behave like a donkey dick?

    Not that I will hold any grudges against you if you don't apologize, but still, I think you should stop with the attempted belittlement.
  8. Which one? I graduated with two Joe Clarks.
  9. I already knew that. Hence the word (context clue) "Play" in the thread title. It's another word for portrait.

    What's with the foolish ignorance tonite??
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