Could anyone explain how Bright Trading works? exam necessary?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by piyayo, May 1, 2020.

  1. piyayo


    I´ve read their web and surprised about their procedures. Could anyone please explain how they work and his experience with them?

    They ask for SIE and Series 57 before joining them and on top of that they make you pass another exam? I don´t want to go back to University again!!!

    Would they be interested in profitable traders with backgroud even if the don´t have such tittles?

    I would like to contact them because they use ver nice platforms but I don´t feel like wanting to study things that I already know.

    Many thanks!
  2. Overnight


    Yer stuck at home most likely. What's wrong with a bit more online learning?
  3. zdreg


    Trading firm capital requires passing exams.
    Since you are not from the US the 1st question is would they accept under any circumstances.
  4. piyayo


    There are so many props that don´t ask you for anything to trade with them. That´s why Bright Trading scheme surprises me.

    I could understand that requirement in new traders but not in profitable ones.

    Besides SIE and Series 57, do they make you study another exam? Do they charge you for that exam? In case positive I understand their business.

    Anyone with them?

  5. zdreg


    Name a few since you say there are many.
  6. piyayo


    DTTW, WTS, Hold Brothers, FTG, BDT...

    All of these DON´T REQUIRE any stupid exam. They just ask you for a track record which is much more important than any exam.

    Happy now? want more?

    Could anyone please give some advice about Bright Trading?, this is not a thread to debate if prop exams are ok or not
  7. gaussian


    I read this as:

    Why won't they hire an inexperienced person to run their orders!

    They can ask for whatever they want. If I was giving you the opportunity to run as a broker-dealer I'd probably ask for your series exams if not to demonstrate your ability (you said they were easy - right?) but also be able to run to the SEC/FINRA and say "my registered broker-dealer took your exams and fucked my company what can I do?"

    The Series 57 and SIE eliminated hobbyists necessarily because it's clear they want to only deal with ex-employees of FINRA registered firms (you need to be sponsored to take those exams). Get over it or find a place to sponsor you to take the exams. Don't take this the wrong way (but you will) but you probably don't "already know" how to operate in the context of a broker-dealer. Go work for a desk for 3-5 years if you really want to advance in the field as a professional trading other people's money. I'm saying this from my position - I don't know these things and I can say for sure I "know" how to trade. Firm trading is a different beast entirely. I wouldn't even feel comfortable doing it if I didnt pass the exams.

    Sorry. You sound arrogant as hell. If there are "so many other firms" go trade with them or start your own. If you gave the website two seconds of your time you'd see they have a questionaire. Fill it out and ask if they'd consider sponsoring you if you would clean their toilets for a while or something. They probably have non-trader positions available you can use to "work into" a broker-dealer position if you have the right skillset.
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  8. piyayo


    woooow, hey you better chill. I´m the one who sounds arrogant? are you sure?

    Of course they can hire whatever they want. Seems like you want to misunderstand and turn every meaning to start a fight.

    Well, I repeat this thread is not to debate if an exam is adecuate or not. I just asked about the way BT works and if the exam is necessary or not.

    If you had a terrible week I´m sorry but please don´t come here to spray your bad energy.
  9. zdreg


    You are both clueless and arrogant. Anybody who trades firm capital or executes orders for a firm which is a member of Finra is required to take an exam. Do your homework.
  10. piyayo


    ok, thanks for the info.

    I guees all of those above (DTTW, WTS, Hold Brothers, FTG, BDT) are not members of Finra and my funds won´t be secure for this reason, right?
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