Cotton tops $1/lb; clothing, textile mills pinched

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  1. Pure genius.


    Imagine if that were true. The simplicity. What fools we have been looking for growth when all this time it really was the USD.
  2. 100% polyester clothing is coming to a retailer near you. :( :eek:
  3. "High cotton prices have squeezed clothing makers in the United States and around the world."

    Yeah, right - how much worth of cotton is in a dress shirt they sell for $20 - 10 cents? 20 cents? Must be tough to mark up items that much!

  4. Don't forget to take into account the advertising, transportation, packaging, mannequins and rude customer service when you're buying that shirt. :(
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    I laugh at the price of clothing in todays market. Anyone paying full retail for clothing is a fool, I wait until I find a sale on name brand t-shirts and dress shirts and even then I feel like I paying too much. I know retailers have to make money on their clothing lines but if the consumer only knew how much it cost to manufacture clothing they would be taken back by the huge mark ups these companies charge.
  6. Salvation Army Thrift Store? Vintage Re-Sale Shops? :(
  7. Jim Rogers been long cotton for a decade now.

    Nice one Jimmy.
  8. Cotton futures price graph.

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