Cotton Seasonals

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  1. Another of WSC Spreads going off the board this week with great profits!

  2. gary


    what u are doing is wrong!
  3. Why Gary,
    if you are referring to the above post, the trade has already run its course. It closed out today with profits of over $3,000.00 per spread.

    Nobody is going to lose any money on this trade because of this post. It is to late for anyone to take any unfair advantage. It shows in hindsight the value of seasonal spread charts.

    Look at the date of the post and the date of the chart.

    When someone puts up next months charts, then I think you might have a case. In this case, combined with my previous posts, it shows what can be done trading seasonal spreads. Even if I myself may or may not have gotten the same results due to improper position sizing. You could have done it!

    Also, what I said was speculative. Prices could have stayed the same or as with previous charts gone south.

    If someone comes here to do research in the futures, (not to distant future as the charts disappear), When traders come here for research I am offering something of priceless value.

    [​IMG] Now on the other hand if you think it is wrong for us to be profiting from the work of the people in the fields, that's a whole different thing. We provide liquidity to the market at the risk of our own capital. If the producer wants to sell it to us at the market price, just so we can endure limited seasonal risks, and maybe resell it at scarcer times. That is a voluntary transaction between multiple parties.

    What was it you wanted to offer Gary?
  4. T-REX


    Do you trade the Cotton Futures or just the spreads/Options?
  5. I'd go long CTH4 @ 70.15
    I'd go short CTH4 @ 66.95
  6. Aloha T-Rex,
    T-Rex we have been getting tremendous results trading Spreads on Futures. The Cotton trade was just an example of the research we have been getting from Jerry Toepke in his "WSC!" “Weekly Spread Commentary.” My posts will show that I have been advising new traders to start with only the Seasonal Calendar Spreads, which this $3,000.00 winning "Cotton Spread," was.

    The "WSC," has a non-calendar going off the boards today with yesterday profits of $1665.00


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  7. Cotton Futures under pressure
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  9. Gosh I have seen sharks trying to offer $45 round turn trades but that is also ok if you make money. I am just wondering how they justify this price...
    The problem with spreads that you pay double commission..but you also lose/whipsaw less if play it right...