Cotton Action

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by maninjapan, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Anyone have any thoughts on the volatility in Cotton yesterday. Is this possibly the signalling the beginning of the end of the trend?
  2. heech


    Cotton has been alternating between limit up/limit down since 1.05 or so. I think its time CME permanently pulled the limit on this thing... I think it would improve the market action significantly.
  3. 1) Are there price limits after (FND) First Notice Day? :confused:
    2) Multiple price limits similar to index futures would be "better" than a single, fixed, price limit. :cool:
  4. that I know of there are no limits but then again if you get long you may get delivered to so won't really matter...

    stops allowed on spreads on the ice across the board now, exciting stuff.
  5. Look back to the action in 1972 to get a good idea of what is in store over the coming four months in cotton.

    (Cotton trades on ICE, CME blew their chance to 'own' it.)