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    Are you allowed to include a graph of the underlying? (Check your data license!)
  3. would be great to have non-comersial net.
  4. Sorry, I did not understand you! This data is from CFTC its public data
  5. doesn`t show the latest data,only for April...what`s the use?
  6. Maybe you are on "signal filter" section. As the name says it only shows dates that signals have occurred to the selected symbol.

    In the symbol section, you can choose a date from 2000 to 2018-12-11( the last cot release)
  7. Ok,seems working.My view is that Com/Non-Com OI doesn`t make sense.Com/Non-Com crossover would be more useful.
  8. still shows the date for April when switching between the tabs.Seems like you need to work it out a bit from bugs.
  9. its a dropdown menu, you can click and choose the dates
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    I suggested including a chart of the underlying futures contract, potentially as overlay on the COT chart. I just highlighted that in order to do this you would most likely need a license (for the futures data).
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