Costs of addiction

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    I'm interested in anyone here who has at any point in their life had some kind of addiction or near-addiction e.g. gambling, booze, drugs etc. What I'd like to know is how much (roughly) you ended up blowing on your habit, and could you afford it or did you spend beyond your means? I have a little theory about this and trying to verify it with some real world examples. Feel free to PM if you prefer, I'll keep it in confidence & delete the message once I've read it.
  2. Any chance of a brief summary of your theory?
  3. trading is an addiction for many. Run a poll :D
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    Apparently otherwise there would be no liquidity.
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    hi, i currently have a near addiction to Tetrahydrocannabinol.. & at one point had a full out addiction to sex.. which thankfully didn't really cost me much.

    what's your theory?
  7. I'm addicted to reading the hateful stupidity and backwards trading on ET.

    Thankfully, it costs me nothing.
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    Cannabis : 2 years of heavy smoking in high school( 10-20 blunts a day ). Defintely wasted a lot of the savings my parents had put in the bank at the time. Quickly realized it was really bad for mental balance and stopped definitely.

    Alcohol: Pretty much on and off since I'm 18. Had some times when I would drink almost every day and in big quantities( counts in bottles per day ). Now at 26, I only drink once a week or so but still never manage to pull the trigger. I tend to always lose memory of the night even if I haven't drunk so much. Alcohol is cheap and is not a threat to your wallet, it's more of a threat to your life when you drink and drive, mess with people, fight...

    Trading: Well, this one pays for all the other addictions.

    Cocaine: Never tried and hope I will never.
  9. Started cocaine back in 82, spent (more or less based on consistent weekly use) at least $150 per week, on average, from 82 to 1999, until both lungs collapsed and I had to be revived. So, that's around $132,000.
    I was dead for a short time, but while dead, I shared a visit with my favorite dog, so that was cool.
    It was always just outside of my means, as there were 3-day benders mixed in with 2-week breaks.
    I don't recommend it, though.
  10. So...only some dogs go to heaven?

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