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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by flapus, Apr 23, 2003.

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    I hope I've put my question in the right thread.
    Can someone telle me what the cost is for money withdrawal fom an IB account.
    I can't find it on the IB website.

    tnx in advance
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  3. nitro


    Wires cost $20 outgoing.

  4. From the IB website, unless this has changed:

    Do you charge for a wire transfer from my IB account to my bank?
    No. IB does not charge for wire transfers out of your account.
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    That might be your bank charging you the $20 for receiving an incoming wire but IB does not pass on the fees charged to them.

    Nitro, if you are paying $20 bucks to receive wires, you should consider finding a new bank.
  6. my bank carges me $10.... IB IS free!!!
  7. Does anyone know of a bank that doesn't charge to receive wire transfers? I haven't been able to find one.
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    My bank does not charge for incoming wires.
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  10. Thanks, I'll check them out.
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