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  1. Hi All

    Could anyone that uses CQG (or CQG net) tell me how much you are paying per month. Im based in the UK (but can be based in the US for admin purposes! :) ).

    It appears that CQG charges a wide range of prices. In London the prices are around 1100 GBP per month, (but at some trading arcades I have paid 400 GBP per month). I also know that in the US they charge much lower prices. (Ive heard around 1000 USD per month).

    Obviously exchange fees are on top of all this. I need real time, tick level charting for multiple exchanges (futures). Ive thought about Nijatrader/kinetic but it is useless for my needs as I also need spreading/custom indices charting capabilities also.


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    somewhere in the $600s per month.

  3. Oh cool - do you use it? Are you a customer?
  4. I use it and they charge for everything. It has gotten so out of hand. Two years ago you could get by under $400.00 per month. Now they offer one price thats starts @ $595.00 if you want to place order thru one of the FCM add $200.00. Want to place OCO orders thru Dom trader add another $200.00.

    Now your at $995.00, when the summer gets here, I stop using them.
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    My clients using the Integrated Client spread trading execution platform along with the charting package and several exchanges worth of live data pay about $2,200 USD per month.

    A TT Pro license is about $1,800 per month, and CQG with several exchanges and live data will cost you several hundred dollars on top of that.
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    These replies are inaccurate and comparisons don't make sense. CQG does not have "one price fits all" concept, you pay for the functionality you need. Prices are close between different countries, they are adjusted for the currency rates.

    The advanced charting package with no trading starts at $595/m. If you want to trade you pay extra (but you dont need to pay exchange fees on most exchanges, so it may offset the extra charge). Top of the line trading package (CQG server side Spreader) + advanced charting package + API is $2000/m. While it has higher price than other products on the market it has A LOT more functionality and significantly better spreading performance. If you just want the spreader and no chart (to make it fair to compare to TT) you pay $1400/m.

    Of course, the best thing is to contact CQG sales and specify the package you are interested in so they can price it for you.
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    CQG is limited with AMP. Having tried both Zenfire and CQG I prefer Zenfire in this instance.
  8. I like CQG even though it is very memory and CPU intensive and does not have a true 64bit version, however, it is extremely expensive.

    For API Trading it'll cost a trader $1285 ($595 - basic, $400 - Advanced Trading, API Trading - $245, API Real time data - $45) a month EXCLUDING exchange fees. If you want historical data add another $100 - $1000 per month depending on the extent of history you want.

    It is exceedingly expensive and there are much cheaper options.
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    "and significantly better spreading performance".

    Well, I have three clients who reported to me that each got hosed pretty hard spread trading with CQG IC - well into five figures each. One client in Australia, one in England, and one in California. There are better automated spread trading tools than either TT-Pro AutoSpreader or CQG. TT has known issues with double-fills which I have personally experienced, and clients have reported to me CQG IC issues with phantom fills.
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