Costco to sell health insurance

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by nitro, Jun 9, 2005.

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    The California plan is not available for fewer than 2 eligible employees.
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    Yeah, and I see it is not available in Illinois :(

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  6. imagine me at checkout.....

    give me a pound of cake,
    a pound of milk
    and the healthcare special...

    ohhh, what's the expiration date on that loaf of benefits?

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  8. It's interesting the big box stores are getting into this business. IMHO, it probably won't last unless they plan to create a back office to support their clients. In addition, in Colorado, there are no discounts for health insurance. Nobody can offer health insurance for any less than I can, and conversly, nobody can offer it for more. The rates are filed with the state and are highly regulated. The insurance companies set the final prices.

    Costco and Sams Club are tinkering with the idea, but in the long run, they may sell their book of business and get out when they realize how high maintenance it is.

    Chris Colvin