Costco (COST) to Roll Out Food Stamps Nationwide;

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    Costco Wholesale Corp. said Wednesday that it will start accepting food stamps at its warehouse clubs nationwide after testing them at stores in New York.
    # The number of Americans relying on government food subsidies to eat recently hit a record 36 million.
    # Company officials said they had doubted many customers would use food stamps but it turned out new members said they were joining precisely because the company accepted the assistance program.
    # Because about half of Costco's customers are small businesses and the rest tend to be more affluent than shoppers at traditional grocery chains, Galanti said, executives had assumed there wouldn't be much response to it accepting food stamps but realized that assumption may have been wrong.
  2. Sounds like a good idea. Folks receiving food stamps should be buying where they get more for their money... (not a bad idea for those not using food stamps, either).

    Besides, the food court pizza is EXCELLENT!!
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    Correction tax payers money.
  4. Well we should be all for that, shouldn't we?
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    Nobody should go hungry.
  6. Agree. However, if I were running social support services.... I'd provide shelter in the form of a cot in a barracks + 3 squares a day from the community kitchen... and medical care, clothing as needed. THAT'S IT! If you want better for yourself, do something about it!

    No subsidized housing, no utility bills paid, no big screen TV and satellite dish. None of this, "my welfare check is big enough I don't have an incentive to work"...

    Grandpa always told me, "The world doesn't owe you a living"... and I'm still down with that.
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    Tend to agree, faith based programs can really stretch a dollar.
  8. Banjo wrote: "Americans relying on government food subsidies to eat recently hit a record 36 million"

    WOW, that's over 10%.
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    how about working at minimum wage to receive food stamp and unemployment benefits
  10. I used to work in an office full of Mormons. Too bad Mitt Romney isn't Prez and run the country like the Mormons run their business.

    They help their folks financially as needed. In return they expect the able bodied to help out the church... baby sit in the day care, paint buildings they own, mow lawns... anything.

    But if you're able bodied and refuse to help out while you're looking for work, they cut you off (or so I've been told). Not a bad idea for America...
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