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    Anyone trading from Costa Rica on eliteTrader ?
    I am moving to Costa Rica and trading and programming are the only skills I have.
  2. that's awesome you have to message me about how you like it. i always thought about moving to central or south america near the beach.
  3. can you make a living out of trading only ?
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    here is a riddle...if you are not a profitable trader in the US or Europe, would you be a profitable trader if you lived in Mexico, Ecuador, Paraguay, or a cheaper country in eastern europe like Czech, Serbia, Poland, or a south east asian country like Cambodia or Malaysia?

    Would it be worth the move....? I know for a fact that you can live a great life in Prague for under 1200-1500euros a month ;)

    sorry to hijack your thread. Can you elaborate on the internet speed in Costa Rica? I have Considered moving to Belize but I have heard the internet is god awful slow there.
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    Internet speed in Costa Rica, go with Cable here's the speeds and prices:

    2 Mbps = $19,90
    3 Mbps = $28,90
    5 Mbps = $48.60
    10 Mbps = $87.50
    15 Mbps = $123,85

    15 Mbps is the max for now maybe increase in a near future.
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    Trading infrastructure is good then, what about rule of law? If one were exhibiting some affluence would one need to also exhibit a private army?
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    I think it's better then Mexico as far as security. I have lived in Mexico City, Monterrey, and Guadalajara, I always feel like there are other people I pass in the street, or at a restaurant that have way more money then me. I mean people roll up in range rovers, Mercedes, all much nicer cars then what I would consider driving. The thing about Mexico which makes it unlivable is that u have to be indoors be 8 or 9 at night, or u risk something happening.
    In Mexico City I felt it was safest city in Mexico, the city is so big that the cartels can't really hold it hostage at night like the other city's.
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    people who ask these questions don't venture far out of their hood, never mind leaving the country.
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    Living costs etc. in many of these places depend on if you want to live in an expat affluent community or not.
  10. In most countries if you think through where you live and travel you can stay safe. The place I found to be the exception was Jo'burg South Africa. I lived in the most affluent neighborhood in the city and my office was five blocks away and there was still danger.
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