Costa Rica

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by wercurna, Apr 19, 2003.

  1. Wondering if there are any fulltime Equities or Futures traders trading from Costa Rica on Elite Trader?

  2. you're enjoying nature, and the quiet life, and not trading.

    what idiot goes to costa rica for trading?
  3. nitro


    I have been thinking about trading from outside the US for tax reasons as well as quality of life reasons. I have always thought CR would be on top of my list.

  4. Who says one cannot enjoy nature, a quiet life, and also trade? Sounds quite attractive to me ... and strikingly intelligent.
  5. Jesse J.

    Chill man com'on, you can trade during the week and enjoy nature in the weekends.
  6. and was exploring the option of trading from down there. Internet seems to be up to par and the hours for trading are great IMO. Wake up and surf for a good hour or 2 and then lite up the Costa rican coffe for that buzz before the market opens while you watch the monkeys dance around in the tree's!

    Could be a dream come true to have the best of both.
    I have noticed the real estate market has had a nice run down there the last few years, still some great deals in paradise.
  7. Cynical


    I love it down there and I have thought about this a lot myself. I'm just not sure what the bandwith would be like. I found this site that had a breakdown of prices from the San Jose cable provider for a cable modem...

    $80/month doesn't sound that bad but the bandwith is only 256/128 KBps. That is only about 20% on the downstream and 40% on the upstream of what I have now.

    Does anyone know of a reliable provider in Costa Rica that could provide a 1 MB+ connection?

    While I'm asking, does anyone know of a good site or resource to finding out what countries do have quality/affordable broadband? Feel free to PM me.