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  1. uptik


    I'm thinking about moving down to Costa Rica(I love that country:D ) I would be very interested to hear from traders there. Please post who you trade with, software, connection you use , etc..
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  3. J-Law


    The primary issue with trading outside of the US would be conncectivity. The speed of your connection is everything. I would think that you would be put at a severe disadvantage if you where trying to hit bids or lift offers once a stock is on the move. Especially, if it's from a 2nd world country with a telecom network that may be inferior to the good ole USA. Whether it be thickly traded like IBM or thin little issues.

    But, this I don't know for certain.

    I trade listed stocks in NYC thru REDI and don't have a problem. But, if I where to be offshore this may be an issue traveling thru the web, backbones and what have you.

    Has anyone out there dealt with this and if so, what solution did they arrive at ???
  4. aura0663


    Been thinking about it myself, but there are several problems-I believe that your only internet connection is somehow hooked to the government and you have to pay by the minute. Don't know how sattelite would work down there, but it might be a problem during the rainy season. Some areas also have a problem with intermitent electricity. If you find out any more , I'd be interested in hearing
  5. rookie988

    rookie988 Guest

    i use cable to trade with IB / esignal
    no connection problems here :p
    my isp also have sattelite,dialup.
    i think next year DSL is going to be ready.
  6. achu717


    Love Costa Rica myself, which side of the ocean you going? Pacific, Puntalenjas or Atlantic, Limon?

    offshore trading, pay no U.S income tax?
  7. rookie988

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    I go to Pacific beaches , limon rain a lot :(
    i don't pay us taxes or my country tax for
    my trading , but if you are american i not
    sure i think u have to pay to IRS,if you are from any other country u don't pay
    any taxes in Costa Rica from trading US markets.
  8. I believe US Citizens get an expatriate exemption on the first 75K of income while beyond the US borders.


  9. achu717


    you are living the life. Trading from anywhere suits you, profitable, pay no taxes, enjoy life
  10. rookie988

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    achu good trading to u too :D
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