Costa Rica - Santa Cruz/San Jose

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  1. girls are nice down here...
    sushi is good too...

    so I guess you can :p
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  2. Ebo


    The women are very "professional" in San Jose!
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  3. Didn't really mean that kind of women... but hey, if you cant get a date without paying for it, then I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.
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  4. I checked CIA site, metioned whole country is just 3-4 million population and 51,000 SQM, that's like 200km x 250km only :confused:

    How come someone said it has highest rate for American expat in the world?

    What things to see & activies do there? Seemingly underdevloped country, how does it compare to Brazil and other places... aside from all natural beauties and relaxation aspects?
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  5. Yes, costa rica is a very small country, you can cross it from coast to coast in less than a day. But is also one of the most commercially integrated countries in latin america.

    You can find most of the services you'll expect from any 1st world nation, like real hospitals, banks, malls, high speed internet, universities.

    We also have one of the highest alphabetization levels in the world. There is a high percentaje of the population with college education.

    One of the most important things we have is actually something we dont have. We dont have an army, we where the first country in the world to abolish all standing armies.
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  6. pinabetal


    Yea but they know their neighbor way North will come to help them in the event of an attack.
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  7. CR is a wholly owned subsidiary of the CIA and U.S. Government, plain and simple, regardless of any local opinions to the contrary.

    In fact, Oliver North's landing strips just north of Nosara and out in Liberia up by the Nic border are still used today.

    Or so I'm told.

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  8. well why pay for an army when you can borrow someone else's whenever it comes in handy?
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  9. There was a lot of activity with oliver north's base back in the 80's with all the nicaraguan contras and stuff... basically the CR gov got paid about $1MM per day to "not know anything about it"...

    But that base is way off nosara, way up north to sta elena peninsula. In Nosara on the other hand, there used to be a lot of clandestine airstripps up to the mid 90's but they served entirely different pourposes, something about bringing tropical snow to the US or something... You could see airplanes and boats pulling into nosara nearly every day of the week back then... but now is too crowded, way too many people living there right now... so I guess they moved the airfields to Nicaragua or some other, more clandestine location...
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  10. What about Leish Maniasis?(An incurable disfiguring disease caused by a parasite).I'd love to visit Costa Rica for the fishing but how widespread is LM?I've asked one resident of CR and he'd never heard of it.What about you people?
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