Costa Rica - Santa Cruz/San Jose

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  1. I did a search here on ET, but couldnt find any newer threads on this topic.

    Anybody currently living/trading from there?
    How is the internet (reliability/speed/cost) and the cost of living?

    Gonna be in CR for there weeks from Nov 6th on...would be glad to hear from somebody who lives there.

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  2. hey, I just found this old post of yours... Im currently living and trading from a prop office in costa rica. Pm me .
  3. There's a prop office in San Jose?

    Good grief will wonders never cease. Spent much time in Escazu and in the South of town at the Los de Arcos del Sur neighborhood.

    Is the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad still the sole and only governmental monopoly who provides the "spark" and the "ISP" service. If so.....god help you.

    I can't bloody well imagine trading from D-Town San Jose. Something across from the Gran Hotel ...or the Teotro de National maybe? Getting quotes and punching in orders all the while fending off the Panamanian whores and Nicaraguan kids.....and the occasional overture from some covert blackbag agency :D

    Curious to know what changes there now.....if there are any real changes....not some bullshit changes that you tell the tourists about.

    All ears....por favor.

  4. what lovely images..LOL
  5. jajaja... well many things are still the same, we still rely on ICE for net access, but the monopoly is going down next year... so they've seriously improved the service in the last few months.

    No panamenian whores in the office... we're located in sabana. Things are changing slowly... but they are, they're currently laying down a new fiber optic network that's going to cover the whole country. And thanks to the CAFTA all goverment monopolies will be gone in the next 5 years [at last!!]
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    and then kick back for a brew at ELITE or PURO PLATINO....
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    When I checked a year ago ADSL wasn't available, is it now?
  8. yeah, it just became available. We also have dedicated lines now at office buildings, we currently use a 2mb/2mb connection
  9. I have a Mexican pal that established the first Sushi restaurant in San Jose, seems that things didn't work out, but he told me that he had a lot of fun down there. He says that women are very nice in CR.
  10. Hum, Nice?what that suppose to mean? Beautiful, kind,
    polite, sexy, easy ....

    Can i combine sushi and CR woman please :) ?
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