Costa Rica, Panama/ The Trader Profit is Coming!!

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by thetraderprofit, Jun 20, 2003.

  1. The Trader Profit will be in Costa Rica and Panama (not at the same time, of course) from June24-July 3.

    He would like to hook up with anyone trading and using this site.
    TTP is looking for real estate and a first/second/third home while vacationing.

    TTP will buy you dinner at the finest restaurant in return for local information.

    If you wish to test the sincerity of his offer, please PM Ditch, who was entertained by TTP in Rotterdam recently.

    Please PM TTP ASAP with your real name and contact data.

    The Trader Profit

    Definitely an alias

  2. Banjo


    Costa Rica's the place, Panama still a little rough around the edges.
  3. okwon


    Really? I thought it was the other way around.
  4. My understanding from some folks who are intimately familiar w/ communications networks in CR is that the 'conventional wisdom' is that panama net access is better, due to the military and canal infrastructure investment.

    I think a lot of the undersea OC-3 and bigger circuits out of Miami terminate in Panama. But this is a WAG.

  5. Thanks for the posts thus far.

    I looked at the Remax and Century 21 websites for CR and the prices seem more than in the US . . I know the weather is better in CR.
  6. tamaroy


    Hola TTP.....I'll be happy to help. I have been a real estate broker in CR for 14 years. I am married to a Tica for 25 years. I'm sure I can help you.
  7. Sorry, but I've got a real estate broker and one post does not qualify as an ET member for my purposes.

    Thanks, anyway. I might call about a property if I see one on the website
  8. I'd be very careful when considering Costa Rica. The "brothers" incident as caused serious ripples in quality of life there.

    Bandwidth sucks no matter what others tell you. They think 128k is the big time. RACSA and ICE(both government monopolies) are HELL to deal with. "Tico Time" is unbearable when trying to do business.

    Costa Rica was the place 15 years ago. My advise: Keep searching. There are MUCH better options out there.

    Dr. Zhivodka

    PM me if you like. I am very familar with the place.
  9. Banjo


    How about Belize?, Anyone have upto date info. Ambergis Cay area maybe.
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    Do you speak Spanish?

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