Cost to use 3rd party to set up trading LLC

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  1. I was quoted a price of around $1000 to $2000 for a standard and "deluxe" package of services to set this up.

    Obviously, the devil is in the details, but does anyone with experience doing this think this is in the ballpark? I don't want to overpay, but the proper legal structure will surely save me headaches down the road.

    The marketing pitch to me was basically that if I try to do it myself, I could screw up because trading LLCs are complicated to set up. Being unsure if this is true or not, I'm looking for outside opinions.
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    Trading LLC's for outside money or just your own?
  3. Good question. Just my own.
  4. Under 2k is about standard.. Irrevocable trusts take under 2k. Single member LLC's, make sure your member agreement and operating agreement are covered in the cost.
  5. Setting up an llc costs about $25 plus state costs for a total of less than $200. Don't be fooled! I know a lawyer who charged 2500 then sent it to a place like the link for 200 or less. Never buy a "complete package". Buy alacarte. Thank me later. :) :D
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    That's very high. Each state has a different cost. You need a name, EIN#, reg with state and an operating agreement. Try this:

    1) IRS: Apply for EIN: (FREE),,id=102767,00.html

    2) Blumberg Excelsior..Formation..(Fee varies from State to State)

    3) Rocket Lawyer: LLC Operating Agreement: (Can be Free)
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    i used it cost under $250 10yrs ago
  8. Yeah, I used corporate agents several times years ago, most recently i used the freeregisteredagent-- way cheaper and exactly same svc. surf
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    Just so you understand. An attorney that charges $350 to $1000 per hour can't be bothered with this. The will charge your your $1000 to $2000 and use Blumberg Excelsior for the formation.
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