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  1. Other than commissions, and making sure you account balance is at a MINIMUM what are some of the other monthly costs that are associated with your broker that someone new to the business may not realize at first?

    some brokers charge extra monthly fees for:

    level 2 software

    streaming quotes and news updates

    and charting.....

    if you are a trader that is paying for these services, how much are you paying a month?...if you'd rather not say, can you give me an average dollar amt that traders can expect to pay for these things each month?
  2. vinceb


    usually all this is free if your an active trader.

    For direct acess brokers usually you have to pay for this services.

    Mbtrading level 2 is 24 dollars a month but is waived if you have 25k in your account.

    Scottrade level 2 is 15 dollars a month but waived if you make 10 trades a month, but their level 2 is only for nasdaq stocks ,not amex and nyse stocks mb offers.

    Just to give u an idea.
  3. ib + qcharts less than 100 a month. here is a free trial.