Cost of Orc Spreader?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by BigSalad, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. BigSalad


    Does anyone have any quotes? Is it as expensive as the "normal" Orc Suite of programs? TYIA.
  2. $5k/mo, give or take.

    I'm sure they'll start off asking more though.
  3. BigSalad


    Wow, is that really competitive nowadays? It's about three years since I used Orc, and I seem to remember the platform was around 2.5k USD.
  4. bone

    bone ET Sponsor

    Price out Apama, Portware, or RTS. Makes ORC look cheap.
  5. BigSalad


    Yes, I'm familiar with the pricetag of Apama. And that's just the software, not having someone teach you to use it or configure it or customize features for you...

    But, today, through a European equities broker that shall not be named in this context, I was quoted Orc Trader for what equals $1.300. That is of course without any colocation, but surprisingly cheap. Perhaps they're subsidizing the cost..