COST is a safe short at 162

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by hajimow, Nov 1, 2017.

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    Didn't you declare victory on SRAX?
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  2. Cool. I'm pretty sure he's not retarded and can see the stock himself. You have no position on... if coming to ET to say told you so is what you call victory lmao. I'm actually making money on this move. Been in calls since 150 support. . So do your little party dance.
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  3. hajimow


    Be careful. Those profits from paper trading might catch fire someday.
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  4. No shortage of big movers today or morons on ET.
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  5. Why do you come on here then? To say I told you so after a move happens lol? I love how you just keep calling people morons or geniuses sarcastically. Do you know how ridiculous that makes you sounds? Like a broke joke. Which is what you are.
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  6. piezoe


    Wouldn't it make more sense to just buy Amazon and hold it.:D

    Even if you are a day trader trading only on technicals, you don't want to be shorting strong stocks -unless of course you are trading on inside information. Find something else to short.

    How well do I remember all those ET fools who said Amazon was a short because it was too high? Very well indeed.
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  7. hajimow


    I do not only short AMZN. Sometimes when I do not have a position on AMZN, I sell naked puts which is a bullish trade but no matter I do, I do not trade long term unless it is an index. My current sentiment on AMZN and market is bearish (profit taking and earning stall). I see competition is really heating up for AMZN and the companies like Best Buy and Walmart, BABA,... are catching up by slashing down the prices and improving their online platform. I doubt that AMZN will make any money from online sale for this quarter. The only profitable sector will be cloud business which the competition is also heating up in that sector by MSFT, IBM,..... It means margin will decrease substantially.
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  8. piezoe


    fair enough. different opinions are what make a market. For myself, even if day trading, i want the general trend of the stock I'm trading to be on my side, and in the case of short term trading I want the technical to be on my side too. I wouldn't be shorting COST right now for the first criterion, not the second.
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  9. COST 168 now,

    Safe short indeed

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  10. I was badly mistaken

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