COST is a safe short at 162

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    You don't like heat? !!. So you should have a small account like 2K. Man you are in the wrong business. Buy 2K of a balanced fund and forget about trading. Ohhh sorry, even balanced funds cause heat. I mean go with one year CD.
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  3. This is why I come to ET , for genius like this
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    Its a beautiful thing ain't it? :D
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  5. No you come to tell people "told you so" and put others down because you are unsuccessful.....
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  6. take a hike
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  7. At least Im here sharing ideas and not just saying "told you so" after a move happens lmfao. Try calling something in advance and put your money where your mouth is broke boy. Oh wait....
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  8. Normally, I would just ignore the stupidity , but I'm feeling frisky.

    I came in here and WARNED anyone reading the ops idiotic trade that it was a stinkbomb, just a stab, and a bad one at that

    BEFORE the fact.

    Now muffdiver, join hami on my exclusive ignore list
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  9. Oh no! What will I do without you:(
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  10. 166.60 now. Im declaring yet another victory.
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