COST is a safe short at 162

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  1. Selling 157.5 puts would be a bullish/ neutral play tho and not a bearish play :/. You confuse me lol.
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  2. hajimow


    half of it will cover my short with profit and I will be long half of it at the right price. Do you think that when I short a stock, I expect it to go zero? I am short AMZN but I will buy if it drops to 900 with open arms. Did you get my point?
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  3. No really. Are you saying you bought a vertical put spread?
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  4. hajimow


    short stocks, short 2X PUT at my cover strike price.
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  5. COST 165 now a day later, and after I said this guy was fos.

    I win again (yep, Im the guy that said GE was toast at 24)
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  6. Did ya'll block in time?
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    I thought I was in your ignore list and you could not see my posts :)
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  8. vanzandt


    What up Soes broman! :D
    Hey man I forgot to point out IBM took out $158 only 4 days later and its staying down. Not that I traded it, but you seemed so happy to point it out to me when it was at $162 so I figured I could return the favor lol.
    Anyways... one of my vaunted brain trust members tells me IBM is on the cutting edge of quantum computing.... whatever the f that means. Maybe you should buy below $158. The brain trust is rarely wrong.
    ttyl OG. :sneaky:
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  9. vanzandt said:
    IBM moving like a FANG stock this AM.
    What say you Great One? Short it up here at 156.50? Tempting.
    I'll wait for $158

    Timing is everything, your short call took major heat. I don't like heat

    My bash of this COST call took NO HEAT
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  10. You didn't "win" unless you have a trade on:)
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